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Customer Identity (CIAM)

Customer Identity solution (CIAM) helps organizations to manage customer digital identities and data, as well as control customer access to applications and services.

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What is Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM)?

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) allows organizations to securely capture and manage customer identity and profile data, as well as control customer access to apps and services. CIAM solution usually provides a combination of features including customer registration, self-service account management, consent, and preference management, Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), access management, Directory Services, and data access governance. miniOrange Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) services ensure a secure, seamless customer experience at extreme scale & performance whether it is a web (or) mobile that customers use to engage with a brand.

Companies that use a Customer Identity solution can quickly onboard potential customers by simplifying registration and login. In addition to acquiring customers faster, CIAM solution assists organizations deliver frictionless user experiences and protect customer data throughout the customer lifecycle. The CIAM solution can be can be deployed on-premises, in private clouds, or via identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) platforms. The objective is to create a seamless and secure access experience for digital applications, regardless of the distribution mechanism.

CIAM solution Features

Seamless Customer Experience

CIAM provides brands with a single view of customers found in customer profiles while providing customers with a better experience.

Easy Integration

Securely manages digital identities and controls access to various applications with an advanced policy allocation system.

Compliance with security standards

Integrate mandatory extra security measures that apply to particular sectors like healthcare and international organizations.

Quick and Easy Migration

A CIAM solution work with your existing system to quickly migrate your customers without impacting the experience.

Secure On-premise and Cloud services

Choose from a cloud or On-Premise Deployment option with multichannel support that fits your long-term growth strategy.

Maximize Conversion Rate

Provide an easy-to-use environment for the customers which would help in account self service - , self-enrollment, password reset, etc improving productivity.

How Does Customer Identity help in Protecting Customer Data?

Customer Identity protects and secures customer data at every stage of the user journey. Using customer identity and Access Management (CIAM) strengthens security and minimizes the likelihood of fraud and data breaches.
Good CIAM vendors know that customer identity management is important for security. Hackers can get access to lots of passwords, which puts consumers at risk, especially if they reuse passwords. With CIAM, you can give consumers the option to use a second authentication factor or sign in with their social identity, which provides stronger protection against account takeover.

In the past, companies only used username and password to sign in to customers. Now that MFA is more common, applications usually require two or more factors before letting users access. To make sure that adding Multi-factor Authentication doesn't make users not want to create accounts or make their experience slower, CIAM must be implemented in a way that is easy to use.
Adaptive authentication determines whether MFA is required during login based on risk scoring. At the time of login, the risk score determines whether the end user will be granted access or whether the second level of authentication will be required. Criteria such as time, location, and frequency determine the risk score.

Customer Identity - CIAM use cases


Social Login

Account Management

Adaptive MFA

Identity Brokering

Directory Authentication


Authenticate users across all of your applications with secure unified login credentials.

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CIAM Login into multiple apps

Social Login

Login users across different applications using your existing login credentials from any of your social network providers e.g Google, Facebook, etc.

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Digital Identity Mangement for your customers via Social Login

Directory Authentication

One Directory to manage all identities, groups, and devices on-premises or in the cloud.

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Cloud Based Directory Authentication via CIAM

Account Management

Streamline creation of app accounts, their access requests and termination like a pro with an easy-to-implement Provisioning solution.

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Provisioning for streamlined User management

Adaptive MFA

Validate Customer Identities and their access with strong pre-defined risk factors.

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Adaptive Customer Identity

Identity Broker

Gateway service which connects various apps with multiple external Identity Providers supporting different protocols.

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Identity Brokering - CIAM Solution

What our Clients Say about Us

CMS Government


Single Sign-On for Medical Services

CMS administrate the Medicare programs also works with the state governments in the USA to administrate to Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurence Program.

Industry Health
Employees 20000+

Al Nahdi

Al Nahdi

Single Sign-On (SSO) for Al Nahdi

Nahdi wanted to enable SSO into Siebel CRM for their Customers. But as Siebel CRM does not support any protocol for SSO, miniOrange simply migrated all the data from one CRM to another and provided their end customers a unified login experience.

Industry Pharmacy
Employees 300+

Clarity Benefits Solution

Clarity Benefits Solutions

SSO and MFA for Clarity Benefits end customers

Clarity Benefit used six custom applications and one WordPress site to serve nearly 10,000+ Customers. They decided to use a CIAM solution to simplify Customer access to their end resources.

Industry Health
Customers 10000+



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5000+ pre-built integrations to enable seamless SSO, MFA, & Provisioning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Social Logins be used with CIAM?

Yes. A company’s CIAM solution can be integrated with social media. Social logins streamline the registration process and reduce friction, leading to lower bounce rates. Because customers do not need to take the time to create additional passwords or other credentials, brands can increase conversions and sales while lowering overall acquisition costs.

How does CIAM assist with Regulatory Compliance?

Privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA exist to ensure consumer data is protected. Compliance includes providing customers with a detailed report of the data you collected; allowing customers to use self-service to access their own data; and so on. CIAM gives your customers the ability to control how and where their data is shared. CIAM also gives your company the ability to enforce customer consent and comply with privacy regulations.

How is CIAM different from IAM?

Many companies have an identity and access management (IAM) solution for their workforce, but employee IAM solutions often lack the features needed to deliver a great customer experience. Customer IAM solution is dedicated and oriented to end customers streamlining their overall User Management i.e Registration, Login, access management, etc.

How does personalization improve the Customer Experience?

Customer Identity Management (CIAM) Solution can help companies build customer trust, while minimizing operating costs and maximizing revenue and retention. By building trust and loyalty with customers, CIAM can help you acquire more customers, build more customer interactions, and influence cross-sells. Customer Identity Management System gathers data about customers as they move through the customer journey. This data is used to build a profile of customer preferences, which can then be used to customize product offerings and communications.

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